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Welcome to the "Future Unleashed"


The characters in this community are the property of WB/UPN/FOX/JOSS WHEDON
We do not represent their views in any way. We are just trying to keep two great television shows alive in our own creative way.

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For centuries, vampires have been limited to the shadows of the night. Never again to see the light of day....until now! It all began when the countries leading solar scientist, Dr. Allan Moore was kidnapped and turned by a cunning gang of elite vampires. They now had a highly intelligent vampire on their side who could create a serum that would allow them to once again be able to feel the warmth of sunlight on their skin. At the end of his exclusive research, Dr. Moore concluded that he was missing a very key ingredient and could not complete his work. In order to complete the serum, he would need the blood of a Slayer. Together, they devised an ingenius plan to capture Buffy. And (after a few failed attempts), they finally did!

With Buffy now in their custody, they could finish the serum. But in order to ensure the production of more serum for future generations of vampires, they put her into a deep "death-like" slumber using various drugs fed to her through an IV. For 9 years, these drugs have been constantly administered to her, keeping her "asleep" and locked away from everyone and everything she loved. Until the day finally came when she was set free by Dawn and Spike.

Buffy must now face the harsh truth about what has happened to the world since she has been "gone" . Vampires now reign over the earth during both night and day with Angelus and Willow as their leaders....Xander and a few others have been enslaved by the vampire menace....and Dawn and Spike are now a couple!. In a world completely different from what she remembers, Buffy must find a way to regain control and put the vampire scum back where they belong...in the shadows!