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Welcome to the future of Slaying!
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Important [Friday, February 23rd, 2007 @ 12:20pm]

Info in the OOC. Please read.
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[Thursday, February 22nd, 2007 @ 11:32am]

[ mood | gloomy ]

Some alone time...Collapse )

((Open to Wesley))

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Labyrinth [Saturday, January 27th, 2007 @ 7:27am]

We were in.

It didn't take much. As soon as the three of us had decided to get off the street I had taken them straight to the firehouse entrance. It was one of two ways in (that I knew about) and by the looks of it hadn't been used in quite a while. I had actually been counting on that. If they hadn't used it then that probably meant whatever security they had would be light here. It turned out to be the understatement of the century. After I kicked the bed aside and the three of climbed through the trap door it became painfully obvious that there was no security down here at all. Needless to say, it was a bit disturbing.

Again I reached into my pocket and pulled out my zippo. It would only be a matter of time before the fluid ran out and I'd have to hunt down some more, which is not as easy as it sounds. But, for now there was enough. I struck it with my thumb and waited for my eyes to adjust. As far as I could tell there was nothing but a long hallway. I closed my eyes, took a breath and ran my hand over the flame. It grew, illuminating the entire area where we were standing. I had been right, nothing but hallway. The flames once again died down and I turned to Xander and Chayse.

"I guess we go that way." Neither of them disagreed and by the light of my zippo we started off down the hall.

The first hallway led to another, then another and then it spiderwebbed into a whole network of hallways. It was a constant labyrinth of twists and turns. Some halls had doors, some didn't. Most of the doors were locked and the ones that weren't had nothing but empty rooms. It wasn't long before the three of us were hopelessly lost.

I began to feel like I was trapped inside some old movie, one I had seen before. I could remember singing orange things and an owl who was a man. Without realizing it I had started to check the walls as we walked, looking for the little blue worm from the movie. Wasn't the movie called Labyrinth? Some where in the back of my head I answered myself with a firm yes but it wasn't like the name really mattered anyway, right? At least now we know why there was no security for that particular door. There was no way someone who hadn't been down here before could get through without getting lost or being noticed.

"I think I see something." I said moving ahead of them quickly.

Oh, I had seen something alright. Something I would rather not have seen. Rats. Tons of them. I hated rats. All that fur and those creepy crawly feet, and that tail! What on Gods green earth did they need that slimy long tail for anyway? I glanced over my shoulder at Xander. We could either go through them or turn back. Personally I was all for turning back, even if it didn't waste another hour of my life away. But, I would let them decide what they wanted to do.

"At least we know there's no vampires, right?" I asked looking very pale and feeling very nervous.

[Open to Xander and Chayse]
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[Sunday, January 14th, 2007 @ 3:18pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Arrival in SunnydaleCollapse )
[Open to Fred, Gwen, Lorne, Doyle, Gunn, Buffy, Giles and Prof. Walsh]

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Feeling a bit jaded [Monday, November 27th, 2006 @ 4:47pm]

This surely was a wonderful sight. Clothes, real clothes. Not some oversized, blood stained shirt and torn pants. After rummaging through the closet, I finally decided on a dark green t-shirt, a pair of black slacks and a black leather jacket. With clothes in hand, I turned around to see that Xander was already unrobing. I turned a shy eye as he lifted his shirt over his head, exposing his bare chest. My heart picked up the pace and a rush of heat waved over me. I walked over to the table on the left side of the room and placed my clothes down onto it. As I pulled my own shirt off, I found myself watching him out of the corner of my eye. His flesh was heavily adorned with scars from the harsh whippings he endured. I whinced, remembering the lashings that I myself had recieved. Once I was dressed, I turned to him.

"Look at you Mr. Harris." I said, walking over to him. "Don't you just look all sorts of James Bond-ish." I fixed the collar on his jacket and then pressed my hand against his chest. "Let's blow this joint, shall we?"

The streets were cold and dank. The life had literally been taken from them. They were now as dead as the creatures that ruled them. The night air was quiet. Not at all what I was expecting. Where were all the vamps?

Just as the question had popped into my head, a vampire lept from the shadows, knocking Xander to the ground. Well, I guess things weren't so quiet after all. Instincts made me run to his aid, but a sudden rush of flames knocked me down. What the hell was that? I shook my head and looked at the vamp. Her face, it was...normal. No wrinkly forehead, no pointy teeth. The woman reached into the inside pocket on her jacket and pulled out a cross, which she then pressed to the side of Xander's face. Okay, color me confused. What the hell was going on here? My own confusion was mirrored in the woman's eyes as she stood up and stared down at Xander.

"Are you okay?" I asked running to Xanders side. I kneeled down next to him and then shot an aggrevated look up at the woman. "Well, your obviously not a vampire, so just who the hell are you?"

(Open to Xander and Jade)
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Resurrecting the evil dead [Sunday, November 26th, 2006 @ 7:19pm]

With the mass chaos everywhere it was only a matter of time before the senior partners decided to take some action. Little did I know that meant I would be the one they used to make it happen.

My orders were simple, and very clear. The senior partners wanted someone they trusted to take down Angelus. Someone who already knew more about him then he did about himself. Who they wanted wasn't just one person, but two. The first was a man the senior partners themselves had saw fit to remove from the payroll once upon a time. One, Lindsey Mcdonald, who had been assigned to Angel's case long before he became Angelus again and turned the world as we knew it upside down and inside out. The other had also been assigned to Angel's case although her blood lust for the vampire had been strictly business rather then the personal approach that had taken over Lindsey when Angel had relieved him of his right hand. Lilah Morgan, a bitch of a woman if ever there was one. Lilah had been murdered by one of Angelus' own. An unexpected twist in the partners plans but not a great loss at the time. Apparently now though, they were seeing things a bit differently.

I was sent to the LA branch of Wolfram and Hart, or what remained of it at least. It had managed to survive the ever growing threats against it but had experienced a considerable amount of damage along the way. Employee count was down due to vampire attacks outside as well as inside the company. Needless to say all remaining vampire employees had long since been fired, or dusted more likely, to keep in house "accidents" to a minimum. Others had fled, choosing to go into hiding from not just Angelus, but from the senior partners as well. If they were ever found they would certainly be killed on the spot for their cowardice. The senior partners didn't take likely to those who abandoned ship.

It was there that I was to use any means necessary in bringing Lindsey and Lilah back from the dead. According to their contracts they were still legally bound to Wolfram and Hart which made what I had to do a hell of a lot easier. The only problem was the senior partners needed them alive and not just spirits walking around the offices barking orders to the remaining employees. That was the part I was meant to remedy.

Wolfram and Hart had an extensive library of information on such things and it was just a matter of threatening, or maybe torturing, the right people to find it for me. It didn't take as much effort as I thought it would. Once I had told them the little information they needed to know, almost all of them were willing to help me in any way possible. The few who weren't, well let's just say they wont be a problem in the future.

So now, with everything I needed set up and ready to go, I closed my office door and turned out the lights. The floor had been cleared so there would be little to no distractions during the process and there was nothing left now but for me to spout off some words from a book and presto, they should appear before me, flesh and all.

I lit each candle one by one around the circle and sat down on the floor. Slowly I poured the blood of the innocent in an urn. The spell called for Osiris but the one we had found would have to do. I was told the very last urn of Osiris had been destroyed resurrecting the slayer herself.

"Keeper of the gate, master of all fate, hear me." I dipped my finger in the blood and smudged three marks onto my face. One on my forehead and one on each cheek. "Before time, and after. Before knowing and nothing." I poured the blood over the pentagram. "Accept my offering. Know my prayer." There were a series of test and trials upon my immortal body that seemed to last for ages before I was capable of speaking once again. "Let them cross over!" I screamed into the growing darkness of the room. "Let them cross!" I screamed once more as a gust of wind blew into the office.

Things from my desk made their way to the floor. The windows shook as the candles went out and I was left in nothing but darkness. For a while all that remained was the heavy beating of my heart and the equally heavy sound of my breath and I slowly recovered from the trials. I began to worry it hadn't worked and I would once again have to return to the agonizing task of research. If the senior partners didn't kill me for my first failed attempt that is. I had passed the trials, but I was immortal, I was bound to pass them. Would that be enough?

As if answering my question the wind in my office, an impossible wind that should not have been there, picked up once more. There was a brilliant flash of blue light that knocked me backwards into the wall before it was gone. I squinted through the darkness to see two figure in the center of the pentagram. There was no doubt in my mind they were the two I was meant to find there.

{Open to Lindsey and Lilah]
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Medic-mission. [Saturday, November 25th, 2006 @ 2:07pm]

[ mood | working ]

I closed the door quietly behind me. They needed there time. I knew that very well. I could see it on her. Rupert was good with words. I was quite certain it was for the best to leave them alone. Walking with determained steps, I headed for the kitchen area. There was only one young woman there. Gladly one of those I had helped, I could still see the scar on her cheek. I hadn't been able to do anything about it, sadly. Still she gave me a warm smile (one of the few I got) when I came walking towards her.

"Walsh! How good to see you. How can I help you? Still hungry?"

"No, not really. But I am here for some soup for the Slayer." Buffy, dammit. Learn to use her name, I thought to myself.

"Oh, the whole place is buzzing with the news of the successful rescue" she said while filling up a bowl with some soup. "How is she?"

"As good as can be expected."

"Ah yes... I can only imagine. Poor girl. Here, give her my best will you?" she said giving me the bowl.

"Of course. Thank you."

Part one of mission complete. Off to my little corner then. Putting down the soup, I went through what was there. I still didn't know what was up with Rupert's leg. Knowing him, he would probably shrug it off to. Or try to. Some bandages and salves would help, if a cut or bruise there was. And then some vitamins and a few other pills that would give Buffy some off her strength back. Hopefully it would rush her slayer-healing somewhat. Putting it all in a little bag, I headed back for Dawns room, with the soup in the other hand. Once there I knocked the door. Wouldn't do to just burst in.

((Open to Giles and Buffy when done in the old thread.))

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Not this time, not without a fight [Thursday, November 23rd, 2006 @ 12:42am]

Faith, why didnt I think of it? Easy, Buffy was always in my head, Angel was the one to put her there. When she escaped it was all about focusing on her, but we needed slayers blood, not Buffy blood. Faith had that just the same, she aligned herself with us years ago and gave us Buffy on a platter. A smart move, cause we were in need of a slayer, any one would have done, and now we need that just the same.

"Works for me." I said finally accepting the idea. "Contact Faith and have her meet us in the conference room. We will surprise her with our new idea."

My son and his new toy went off to consumate their vampire lust, the rest of us went to the conference room. We didnt make it far, as we rounded the corner my cell phone buzzed and a voice blared from it.

"Sir, Faith isnt in the complex. She was spotted leaving with Cordelia." A confused expression covered my face, as I stopped in the middle of the hallway. Than a dissapointed expression replaced that one. It wasnt for them though, it was for myself, I should have seen Faiths defection coming. She betrayed Buffy and her gang, why wouldnt she do the same to a me and mine. Considering we were going to find her and turn her into a coma blood potion slayer, I wasnt that surprised anymore.

"Why would they leave the complex together?" Willow asked

"I think we are being double crossed before we got a chance to do it ourselves. Im not losing another slayer, not in the same night." I crushed the communicator in my hand and vamped myself, as I turned to the others. "Game faces on people. We find them and Cordelia dies, but no one harms Faith or they will be blowing in the wind too."

((open to Willow Harmony Darla Drusilla Cordy Faith Spike Dawn and Andrew))
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Saving Faith...and possibly Andrew [Monday, November 20th, 2006 @ 7:37am]

Good, it was settled then. Faith would come with us and Angelus wouldn't have a new slayer for the slab. I can't even begin to explain how glad I was Faith had decided to leave the compound instead of staying behind to play super hero. I know her and I aren't exactly what you would call friends, and now that I was a vampire probably never would be, but at least I had this chance to make sure all of Dawn and Spike's hard work wasn't for nothing. Getting Buffy out of there was only the first step. If Faith were to take her place we'd just be right back where we started and I couldn't let that happen. Not now, not while we were ahead.

Getting out of the compound was easier then I thought. Although getting off the grounds was a bit more work. Faith took care of a few guards who had to many questions about where we were going with one of the slaves. It was weird that none of them seemed to notice that Faith wasn't a regular around here. In fact, they didn't seem to be threatened by her at all. Was it possible they didn't know who she was? Or worse, maybe they did. Come to think of it, how did Faith get in here without being noticed in the first place? I didn't want to believe Faith had slipped back into her "evil" ways but it was possible wasn't it? I mean, it had been Angel who helped her find the path of redemption, with him gone and Angelus in his place it would be all to easy for her to fall back on old habits. But, if that were the case, why did she agree to come along?

I suddenly felt nervous about taking Faith to see Dawn and Spike. What if I was leading the rat right to the cheese? Even if I was, what choice did I have? Angelus was evil, plain and simple. Even if Faith had been working for him before it was only a matter of time before he realized he could use her to replace Buffy and that her loyalty to him meant nothing compared to what her blood could give him. I'd have to take her with me no matter what and just hope that all my suspicions were just that....suspicions. Besides, once Buffy was back on her feet, she could deal with Faith and none of it would be on my hands in the end.

My main objective now was just to get us there. Sure we had left the compound behind but Angelus' people were every where. It would only take one to ruin everything. I really couldn't afford to have my cover jeopardized at this point, not when there was so much left to do. Xander was still some where inside that compound and it was up to me to get him out of there safely. Even if it killed me.

"We're almost there. If we run into any vamps, let me do the talking." I said.

[Open to Faith, Andrew, Spike & Dawn]
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Miniature disasters and minor catastrophes [bring me to my knees] [Sunday, November 12th, 2006 @ 7:42pm]

[ mood | morose ]

continued from here

I couldn't sleep. Something about the fact that we weren't as safe as we thought we were just kept me up. Not Chayse, though. She fell right asleep. Unfortunately, I was not allowed the luxury of sleep. The darkness was all consuming and I couldn't concentrate on one thing like sleep. Too many things were running through my head. The fact that I had actually made it out of that death complex and with someone else intact.

The fact that I lost track of all my friends and God, my real feelings poured out. Ten years of stoic emotionless was let out into the darkness.

Quiet sobs.

That's what dad used to say when I had been little and the world had been a different place. "Your a man, Harris. You don't cry. Quiet sobs, Harris. Always quiet sobs." I quietly sobbed, I didn't want to wake Chayse and even after all these years I didn't want to let dad down. But that's what I did. Because Willow was gone. A monster had taken Willow's body and now she was parading around with Angelus. His right hand was my old best friend. The girl who I hung out with since grade school. The girl who gained redemption after almost destroying the world because she was Willow. But that thing was not Willow. She was not who Willow used to be. She was a monster. Willow was gone, dead and buried, years ago and I was...Xander. A shall of my former self.

It came out in spurts. First it was Willow and then it was Buffy. They had captured her, had used her blood to walk in the day, had fed off of her livelihood and apparently, according to Cordelia she had been saved. She was out there somewhere with...someone.


She was gone as well. She was a vampire, apparently somehow a double-agent of some sort or she was pretending to be and that just...I mean before it had pissed me off. I couldn't believe it. I rebelled. I ignored her but deep down, deep down inside myself I knew how it really felt. Things hurt. I hurt, because my first real girlfriend had been turned, the Cordelia I knew was gone and you know what? The Cordelia I hadn't know was gone too. A lot apparently happened when she had worked with Angel...alot that hadn't involved her being vamped. Apparently, that had to come later. Apparently, in the grand scheme of things Cordelia had to die, had to be turned into the very thing she loathed the most and then had to gain a consciense.

Cordelia and Buffy and Willow and ...

"Oh, snap out of it Xander. You're beginning to look like me after you left me at the altar!" Anya. It had felt like she was talking to me but that couldn't be because she was gone. She had been gone for...she was gone. "Well, okay so I play the altar card a little too often, Xander but really. Wake up and smell the blood taste in the coffee because this isn't you." I looked up. Had I fallen asleep. I hadn't remembered falling asleep. I guess I wouldn't have. "Xander, I just don't know what I'm going to do with you. You lose yourself for ten years..." She was there, sitting at the table, her legs crossed. "I just don't get you. I know I'm blunt. I'm like, the queen of being frank because I used to be a demon but come on, just look at yourself. You're like...this...shell, Xander. Shell of your former self." Is that where I had gotten that thought from? Anya? "Be the Xander I knew. You were the heart. You were My rock, Xander. I know you can feel it." No. This wasn't her because she was, she wasn't, she isn't- "Oh, my God, Xander." She shook her head and got up, crossing her arms. "Will this prove it's me?" She knelt down, grabbed my face, and kissed me before pulling back.

And then she slapped me.

My eyes opened with a start. Somehow I had moved to the back of the bar. I felt my head which somehow had gotten a headache. Memories of a vague dream came back to me as I pushed myself up using the ground and heard my name being called. "Wah?" Okay, so I knew the reason I had a headache. I had curled up on the bar...and I guess in the night or early morning I had fallen off of it. I grabbed my head and then clutched the bar pulling myself up. "I'm...I'm here." I came to a standing position and it took me a moment to gain my balance. "Right here..."

I looked behind me, the familiar face just lingering but not really there. "Thanks, Anya..." I whispered.

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Well Hallelujah, all hope was not lost; Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to Sunnydale we go. [Thursday, November 9th, 2006 @ 7:48pm]

Well now. It's no secret this demon had just about given up all hope of salvation. Even the sanctuary spell on my, not so up to par, corner of the world had started to fade. The only way to tell was that constant humming noise in my ears as the spell began to peter out. Anyone else might have thought it was florescent lighting but come on people, would I honestly look good in florescent? In fact, I believe I even pointed this fact out once upon or time. Or, maybe I had just dreamed it. It was so hard to tell fact from fiction now a days. Especially when most of my time was spent day dreaming about better days. Some real, some not. It didn't matter as long as it was better.

So, with all hope gone, or almost all, you can imagine my skepticism when Wes and the gang came to pull me from the ruins of my broken existence. Heck, I had begun to think I'd never see any of them again. At times I actually prayed I wouldn't. But here they were with the most wonderful news my music loving ears had ever heard. It seems Angel's ex bird had flown the coup. A free bird -forgive the pun-. It seems little sis had pulled through and saved the slayer from hell. Not literally hell, but damn near close was my assumption.

The plan was to leave L.A. and I couldn't be happier except for the fact they wanted to relocate to the Hellmouth itself. Angelus central. Home of the place this nightmare world had sprang from. Needless to say I was a little hesitant about that part of the plan. Sure, I'd stood beside the big guy back in the day, fighting for good and all that noise. But, I was a born lover, not a fighter and to consciously uproot myself and move to a place of badness gallor, was just insane!

Unfortunately insane wasn't something I was unaccustomed to now a days, so I agreed to come along for the ride. Which, would probably be my last no doubt.

I packed a few things, even though packing somehow seemed unimportant, more like a reflex then anything, and joined the others who waited patiently among the dust and destruction of my tragically misplaced life. Caritas was no longer home, not really. It hadn't been for a while now and as we left I found it wasn't hard to say good bye. At least, not like I thought it would be.

"I hate to be the are we there yet kid, but how long do you think it will take to reach Sunnydale?" Gunn and Gwen looked at me and I faked a weak smile. "Hey, can't blame a guy for wanting to know how long it was before he, I don't know, died."

A look from Wes in the rear view mirror, an all to familiar smile of understanding from Fred, a shrug from Gunn and a roll of the eye from Gwen. Good to know some things never change.

[Open to Wes, Fred, Gunn, Gwen & Doyle]
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Break me from this nightmare [Thursday, November 2nd, 2006 @ 4:45am]

This was all just a bad dream, one that I was caged up in and couldn't get out. There was no way the world could've changed this much, there was no way that I could've been gone for that long. Part of me wanted to believe that this was one of Angelus' sick games and he gave me some sort of drug to make me hallucinate all of this. But I knew, somehow deep down inside that this was real. Every bone of my body was telling me so.

I listened closely earlier when Dawn told me everything. It all hit me like a wall of bricks snatching into my ribs. I couldn't breathe, everything was so unreal and so wrong that I wanted to just let the tears fall from my eyes, but they wouldn't come out. I needed something more familiar, not that Dawn wasn't familiar but she wasn't really Dawn anymore. She wasn't the same sister I left behind and her and Spike they were well a couple. He also wasn't the same as before. For some reason I thought that Giles would be the same, either that or he could help me better. Or maybe it was because of the fact that I really wanted to know if he was ok. Dawn and Spike told me he was but I needed to see it for myself.

It was already much to take in as it was but what was next was even harder. The world around us, it was all completely different. I felt like I woke up into a bad sci fi movie where humans were being the ones haunted. I know Dawn told me that before we came out but seeing how the world looked made a whole different imprint on me then just hearing about it. And to think it was all my fault to. I know if I told Dawnie or Spike that they would try to comfort me and tell me there was nothing I could do but there was, I was the slayer. It was my job to stop the vampires and demons not to let them kidnap me. If I would've prepared myself better if I would've just been able to stop them then not of this would've happened. So many times I was able to defeat the face of evil, so why couldn't I have done it that time. What happened to me that made the vampires finally win? And just the thought of them using my blood for their serum, I was the reason why they could walk in the light, I was the reason why they were now taking over the world and forcing the humans to hide in underground tunnels. It shouldn't be this way.

Everyone was looking at me, whispering things to each other. I half felt they were looking at me with eyes of hate and blame and also with eyes of hope. This place underground that seemed to be falling apart was what they now called home. I wondered how long it would be for Angelus to find them here, actually sort've surprised that he didn't find them already. I wondered if this was the first place they lived in or if they moved a lot. They did seem to have tight security but not tight enough for Angelus. Those guards outside the door, Angelus could take them within a second.

Giles finally came to me, I wanted to wrap my arms around him but I couldn't. I wanted him to tell me that we'd just have to kill one demon and we'd be brought out of this dream world and everything would go back to normal, but he wouldn't. Just as soon as my mind started to register who she was I was taken by surprise. It was Professor Walsh. Last time I saw her, well let's just leave it at things weren't the greatest on her part. So what was she doing here and why? She suggest we go someplace else, someplace where we won’t have an audience. I just nod my head and then Dawn offers her room. Spike and Giles help me up and lead me to Dawn’s room. Small space but what did I really expect with where they were living now. Spike helped me sit down and then Dawn asked if I needed anything. “Just some water” I say in a dry voice.

[ Tag to Giles and Pro Walsh and Dawn and Spike if your still gonna be in thread? ]
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You never see the lonely me at all [Friday, October 27th, 2006 @ 4:22pm]

Everybody's got a story. Some once upon a time with a bunch of crap in the middle followed by a happily ever after. I think there's supposed to be a prince involved in there somewhere too, but I wouldn't really know jack shit about that. It all starts the same though and I ain't no different. The princess locked in the tower with the wicked queen waitin' for that big shiny moment when someone came to rescue her. I guess that's where the prince part comes in, I dunno cause like I said? Don't got much use for a prince, and besides this isn't your usual story. I like to think of it as a wicked little fairytale.

It's tired I know. Sad little girl in a grown up world just lookin' for somewhere to fit. No dad, deadbeat drunk of a mom and the story pretty much goes on like that. Now if it just stopped there I'd probably be featured on one of those mid-afternoon things on TV, ya know? Take your pick, after school special (I especially like the one where she gets high on PCP and throws herself off the roof) or PSA. Either way, it was probably gonna be featuring me as the loser you didn't want your kids to grow up like. Then one day well, I got special, chosen, what the fuck ever. Seemed like things might be okay in my little world til I met a vamp by the name of Kakistos and then things got a little more out of control again.

Alright, alright. I'm gettin' to the point I swear. This is where the prince comes in, so pay attention. He didn't exactly rescue me from a tower or ride a big white horse but he did save me. There wasn't exacty a happily ever after but there was a someday things might get better and really that was more than anybody else had ever given me. Call me easy, I'm a sucker, whatever but I'll never figure out why Angel decided to pick me up out of that alley, dust me off and keep me. He was the reason I was even still alive, and that I hadn't just given up on the shitty life that fate had handed me.

I'd never really had a hero before, not unless you count myself and honestly I should never be anyone's hero. I kind've sucked at heroics but I did the best I could, which leads to the now. Where the fairytale gets a little warped and the prince gets a little darker, or alot darker. Whichever. It wasn't like I had a ton of fucking choices, ya know? Give in or give up. It just wasn't in my blood to give up, not anymore, not after all those years he pushed me to keep goin'. Normally I'd just say fuck it, throw my ass in the fire, I'll fight my way out or die trying. But it was different cause this was Angel and some stupid part of my brain kept insisting that maybe, just maybe...I could save him this time.

Yeah, I'm an idiot. I know. I told you this was a twisted fairytale. Maybe I should just drop the whole analogy and get right to it. I sold out, I gave in cause I didn't know what else to do and let's face it, bad girl looks pretty damn convincing on me. It must be the leather pants. So I played it sweet when Angelus demanded it, and I got stronger when I needed to be too. I was whatever it was that he needed me to be so that he could trust me. Just another one of his whipped little bitches. Fuck that. I don't even bend over for Angel but I found myself doing alot of shady shit for Angelus. And why? Cause I was still holding onto the part that was locked deep inside of him, probably screaming for release. One day, I was gonna figure out how to set Angel free. But for now? I play along. What else can I do?

Sometimes I vaguelly wonder if he might be disappointed in me, cause for all intents and purposes I've gone back to my old stab 'em to death ways. I knew that was probably what B's sister and the rest of her gang of do gooders probably thought. Whatever. I didn't care what they thought about me and I didn't need their approval. Only one person I gave a shit about and he couldn't speak for himself right now.

The shit was about to hit the fan. B's pals managed to somehow do what I'd been trying to do for a wicked long time now. They busted her out and now she was back out in the world. I wondered how long that would last before they hauled her back into her little cell and used her to their own end. But maybe they didn't need her anymore, cause they already had a slayer. I might be dumb but I'm not stupid. Only a matter of time til my new bestest friends all turned on me next. Not that I could blame 'em, it was in their blood. They were vampires and I was the slayer. Enemies. Way of the world. B always had a hard time gettin' a clear picture on that one.

How much longer could I play them before they started playin' me? Hell, they might already be playin' me, I was counting on it.

I swaggered into the main room in Angelus' little compound of doom. Creepy much? Wasn't exactly the Ritz but still, it was nicer than the places I usually stayed in. Might as well enjoy it while I can.

((Open for anybody....))
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Going back to Daddy. [Wednesday, October 25th, 2006 @ 3:46am]

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All sitting together in the car, bad dogs all worried. Spanking is up for all! More was needed. The Slayer was with her family, slithered away like a snake, and we needed ours to find her. No way around it. Pretty Harmony looked worried beside me. I patted her pretty leg.

"There, there my pretty one. Daddy will only hurt us a itsy bit, you'll see. All blood and then done." I clapped my hands together at the last, over the pillow in my lap. It reeked of the Slayer. "She is somewhere around that little motel. Princess is sure of it." I nodded. The fairies was fickle things. But Princess they liked.

Our doggies looked back at me. Looking worried. Oh my dears, you will bleed most of all, and Princess will lick the blood spilled on the floor.... So much fun it will be. I giggled at him in the mirror, whish almost made him drive of the rode! Ha ha ha! So much fun, in the midst of sadness. Oh, Daddy will be very vexed indeed....

[[Continued from HERE.]]
[[Open to Harmony, and later on to Angelus, Willow, Barbara, Darla maybe even Connor? when done in there thread... ]]

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There is hope yet [Thursday, October 12th, 2006 @ 7:12pm]

I couldn't believe it! After months of following these two, learning their secrets, memorizing their plan, they had finally done it...and succeeded! The Slayers little sister who had absolutely no real power of her own and her boyfriend, a vampire with a soul, walked right into vamp head quarters and snatched the slayer out of there like it was nothing. I was in awe, dumbfounded, nothing less then amazed, awe. I didn't think they could pull it off but I just had to see it with my own eyes. I followed them here, found my hiding place and waited. When the alarms went off I thought it was over for them for sure. I thought the next time I would see the girl it would be on top of the weekly burn pile and the vampire, well I figured dust was what he would become. Nothing more then dust. But they did it! They really did it! The slayer was out and the vampires were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The urge to jump around and scream random words of excitement into the air was strong but somehow I managed to keep my cool. It wouldn't be any fun watching the vampires shoved back into the dark, where they belong, by the slayer if I was dead.

When they were out of site I slowly made my way around the out skirts of the compound. It was risky but I couldn't help but stay around and watch the confusion that was unfolding down there. They weren't prepared for this. Their leader, Angelus, was probably loosing his mind somewhere behind those big thick walls and personally I found that idea quite humorous. I muffled a giggle with my hand as I squatted down behind a tree closest to the burning yard as I dared to get. The outrage and confusion hadn't quite reached it's hands this far yet and things were still moving ahead as planned. The slaves were in place, the bodies were piled and the fires had been started. This last part was the only part that I was interested in.

Fire was my friend. I wasn't some sick little pyro or anything like that but I did like fire, as much as any other firebender did I assumed. Though, I'd never met another like me...ever. I watched the faces of the saves as they went through the motions they had been so well trained to carry out every day for the last nine years. They were like zombies. Their eyes were hollow, their lips pressed together in tight little lines scared to death to make so much as a peep. All except for one that is. He was different from the rest. He might have been new and that would explain it but his clothes said something different entirely. Either this one was very brave, or very stupid. Either way, he was the one I concentrated on.

I watched, almost in slow motion as he turned away from his duties, flame thrower in hand, and took aim. It was poor. Had it not been for my help the poor guy wouldn't have managed to hit a single one of them with that thing. Lucky for him I was there. Unlucky was the fact he was going to die for what he was doing. It didn't matter now though, he had turned and aimed and now it was my turn. I closed my eyes, imagined the guy and his weapon, saw the flames, heard the small hiss of the gas and then quickly opened my eyes again willing the fire to go where it would do the most damage.

The fire rushed out the end of the flame thrower and set every vampire within at least 10 feet of the guy on fire, but it wasn't enough. My powers were still unpredictable and weak because of it. They were on him in a matter of seconds, dragging him by his hair into the compound. He was as good as dead and even though I didn't know him from Adam, I cried. There were very few brave enough to do what he had done and now there would be one less. If the slayer didn't save us soon we'd all see the same terrible fate he was about to see. And honestly, I really did not want to die that way.

I got up and ran from the compound. The vampires were now to busy and confused to notice me, which of course was good. I went back to the place I knew the slayers sister would go. It was underground and very hard to get to so I never tried. I had a place a few blocks away, close enough to them to know their every move but far enough away to keep any stray vamp who followed me home from finding them. I wasn't some silly little girl, I knew the score and I knew if they died, we all died. It was just that simple.

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The day, the music, died [Thursday, October 12th, 2006 @ 6:25pm]

I starred blindly into my glass, the drink inside moving ever so slightly from side to side, but I didn't notice or more to the point, care. There was no comfort here anymore. I could pour drink after miserable drink into my veins and it wouldn't make one bit of difference. I was already numb from the butt cheek up. My little ol' heart had become just as empty as the chairs and tables at Caritas. Ever since Angel cakes...ever since the drinkable sun tan lotion...ever since the world had gone to hell and everything good fell into darkness, there had been nothing left to sing about. The songs were gone, the notes were dead and we were all just puppets with our strings wrapped tightly between the fingers of each and every vampire from here to Timbuktu.

We should have seen it coming.

That sweet little cupcake of Angel's had been the key ingredient in Dr. Crazy Cat's little day-walker surem. That UV 4 billion surem that allowed vampires to avoid one hell of a sunburn. The surem that turned life as we knew it into our worst nightmares. The surem our very own Angel cakes probably mixed with his morning blood now a days. Angelus, it was Angelus now. Angel wings was gone and had been for nine whole years now. Things had been so well planned and carried out in perfect order, like some satanic musical without words. And all the time we never knew. Never saw it coming. Hundreds of vampires had come into Caritas, half of them singing their shriveled little hearts out and never once did notice anything...out of order.

They took Angel and then they took the one person would could bring him back. Without that sweet little cherry blossom what else could we do? Besides the Gypsies, Willow was the only one to ever plug Angel's soul back into the proper sockets. Without her we were left with nothing but books and more books, most of which told us nothing. Wesley tried, was probably still trying, to find a way to bring our fearless leader back to us but after nine years of dead ends, one tends to give up any hope of that actually happening. Wesley, Fredikins, Gunn and Gwenith still fought the good fight but this lean-green-singing-machine was out. Last I heard one of Angel's friends, a magical whosit to the PTB, had come back from the dead but you can't really believe everything you hear now a days now can you? If Doyle really did come back from the dead he sure as heck picked a God awful time to do it. And Cordelia. Our dear sweet sleeping beauty herself taken right out from under our noses and turned into a vampire. I want to say things just can't get any worse but of course we all know that's not true. Things can always get worse.

Now here I sit on my dusty bar stool wallowing in the sorrow I've come to recognize as life and imagining the blue skies of Pylea and wondering if leaving there had been the best choice after all. Of course it had been, back then. I knew it from one horn to the other and back again but that still didn't change the way things were now. Bleak, dark, hopeless....Welcome to L.A! Come on in enjoy the sights and oh by the way, only those with fangs and a bumpy foreheads make it big in this grand ol' city. Everyone else was snack food, or slave material.

L.A. wasn't the only suffering city. In fact we had it good compared to those trapped inside the city limit of Sunnydale. Home of the Hellmouth itself. You can't miss it, it's right next door to that big eye sore of a compound. You know the one, with all the human slaves and vampires-a-plenty. Buffy's friends didn't stand a chance down there, if any of them were still alive that is. There had been word, before I left, that the slayers little sister and our now one and only soulful vampire, Spike, were still alive and well and trying to find a way to save the Chosen one, but that had been months ago and like I said, things can always get worse.

Boy could we use that little spit fire Faith. She might have been hell on wheels...a ticking time bomb waiting to explode...but she was one hell of a fighter. For all we knew, she was dead too.

I sighed, letting my hand slowly fall to the counter and set my untouched drink down. The day Buffy was captured was the day the music died and as far as I was concerned there was nothing left in this world to bring it back to life. Vampires ruled and all the rest of us could do was fight, or wait to die. Either way....we were already dead.

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Who's cockamamie idea was this?...Oh yeah, mine. [Thursday, October 5th, 2006 @ 11:44am]

I never really considered myself a 'slave' in the past few years that I had been here. No, I saw myself more as an 'object'. An object that the vampire faction could use in any way they saw fit. Most days I played the part of the willing little servant girl, bringing them what they wanted, when they wanted it. But at times I played another role. I was what they like to call their 'lady in the evening'. All it meant was I was their harlot, their toy...their whore.

I stared towards the ceiling. If my parents could only see me now. See what I have become. They would probably turn over in their graves. All thought seemed to abandom my mind as I continued to stare vacantly at the ceiling.

Crack! The raw leather of the whip lacerated the flesh on my back. My eyes closed tightly as I winced in pain at the burning sensation that was taking over. It never got easier. At least not for me. Every flick of the whip felt like the first time.

I sunk my hands into the soapy water and emerged with the scrubby brush. The cleansing water sent searing pain into my fresh wound. Geez, I stop washing for one minuite and he feels the need to bring out the whip. Maybe it's just me, but arn't baths suppossed to be relaxing? I know they used to be. Now I believed my baths to be for their enjoyment. I think the sick fucks liked to watch. That would explain why I was one of the cleanest ones around here.

As I washed, I stared at the scrub brush in my hands. It had a long wooden handle. Now, I had watched enough vampire movies to know that a sharp wooden object through the heart would do the trick. I rubbed my finger along the base of the brush. It wasnt sharp at all. I submerged it under water and attempted to break it with my hands, but I was no He-man. The vampire approached the side of my bath and acting on impulse, I cracked him across the face with the brush and watched as it snapped in pieces. That works, I thought to myself, grabbing a sharp piece and thrusting it into his 'heart'. He turned to dust almost instantly. Spreading his discusting ashes everywhere.

I stumbled out of the bathtub and grabbed the clothes off of the back of the chair. I quickly got dressed and then entered the hallway. My wet feet slipping as I ran. I had no plan. No real clue as to where I was going. I very well may have just sealed myself a terrible fate, but I didnt care. I was tired of being thier object.

I rounded the first corner I came to and ran smack dab into someone. I looked at him and noticed his slave attire. Thank god, he wasn't one of them. Without giving it another thought, I grabbed his hand and dragged him along with me. If I was gonna pull off this cockamamie escape, I was going to need all the help I could get.

((Open to Xander))
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Pains Of Family [Sunday, October 1st, 2006 @ 4:03am]

The dim candlelight forms shadows on the walls of the room we are in. I slowly walk around the perimeter, trying to ignore the figure hanging in the middle of the room. This isn't the first time I have seen him hanging there, covered in bruises and scars, from the weeks of torture he as already endured.

I didn't completely enjoy having to help torture him, but it was the only way to convince him to join us willingly. Fighting it would only make things worse. I wanted what was best for him; This person that I loved so much and would do anything for. After all, he was my son.

I glance toward Barbara, who has a look of anticipation upon her face. I can tell she wants to have some fun with him, so I say, "You know, Angelus will stake your ass for even touching him." She just rolls her eyes and says nothing because she knows that I'm right.

I walk over to him, glancing at his limp body, hanging there so helplessly. There are objects on the floor here and there that we've been using on him. My personal favorite was the scalpal. It shines in the dim light as I pick it up. Just a few deep cuts into his flesh cause him to scream out in agony. I knew that I had to convince Connor to become a vampire. Staying human would only hold him back. He could become so powerful, if only he would just give in to us.

((Open to Barbara Conner Willow and Angelus))
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Now what am I doing here? [Friday, September 29th, 2006 @ 3:32pm]

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Kids really. All of them. And still they were so strong. So strong, they managed to kill my dream. My son. Everything. All gone. The Initiative was still fighting, for the all american hero. Like they should. But without me. After Adam had tried to take all over, including me, I was out. No coming back. At least they had healed me, giving back myself. Well, partly. I looked down at my arms. One just as healthy as it always had been. One not so much... Only down to just under the elbow, then there was a metallic robot arm, hidden under a glove. But I knew it was there. If they hadn't cut my arm off and replaced it, I would have been dead. Better that really. I had done so much, so much that I thought was good and the right way, only it wasn't. But in the light of how the world looked now, my small part as being the villian was a joke.

And I had told him so, Giles. Rupert Giles. His fault , that I am still alive. He had found me, in a heap at a bar drowning my sorrows in whiskey and whatever else was strong enough to make me go numb. I don't remember exatly what he said, but I can imagine it was not anything nice. Got me home to his place and got me sober to. I am guessing they needed all the extra strength they could get for it was around then, when he found me that everything started to go bad. Really bad. To bad for my taste, so here I am. Being a good doctor and scientist. I do try to help them, these kids. The once that made sure my dream fell, and I lost all. Still don't know why I do it. Why I stay around. But I don't show. Never show.

Now where is my medical equipement? Gotta check so all is there, or at least all that I have gotten my hands on. They might come here. With her. The slayer. If they made it.

((Open to Giles.))

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[Friday, September 29th, 2006 @ 2:31am]

[ mood | drained ]

Fighting the good fightCollapse )

((Open to Wes and anyone else in LA))

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If you want to die in bed [Thursday, September 28th, 2006 @ 9:47am]

[ mood | morose ]

I lied. The worst part about the job isn't burning the corpses. It was disposing of those corpses that hadn't been burnt to ashes. With Andrew out of commission the suckers were short one disposal human and they particularly liked when another human stepped up to do the job of whoever had been taken away. I didn't want any trouble. Andrew didn't know it, but his mistake could have cost some of us, our lives. Without saying a word I picked up Andrew's flamethrower and showered the wood and bodies in more flames. When the flamethrowers ran out, then we were given the shovels. Throughout all of this all I could think about was that dinner heading my way. Because I ignored someone speaking to me, let him be taken away, and then took over his work without needing to be told. In my book I should have gotten a vamp-slave gold star complete with lobster dinner.

The flames subsided and I tried clicking in the trigger but all I heard was a raspy clicking noise.


The flame was out. I turned to the others and sighed as a vampire leiutenant handed me a shovel. Nodding, I took it without hesitation and began to did a hole so the three bodies on my side who weren't burning into oblivion could be disposed of properly. Well, properly was relative, really. The smell of fire and burnt flesh filled the yard and the humans who had done their jobs were released back through the small doorway to the bathrooms or to the pens. Some even got bedrooms for the good work they'd done. It all depended, really.

Wiping the sweat from my forehead I kicked one of my corpses into the hole and grimaced when I realized the hole I had dug wasn't big enough. "Great, just great," I said under my breath. One of the female vampires came over to inspect and kicked the back of my knees causing me to lose footing and almost fall into the hole myself.

"Well, dig another one!"

She hissed at me and I did what I was told. I always did what I was told to do here. Through all the bruises and the scars...eventually it would be worth it and people like Andrew just couldn't grasp that concept. I grabbed up the shovel again and began to dig another one, glancing up and down a couple of times to make sure my two bodies that were left would fit. I sure as hell was not going to dig a third hole. Well, I had measured right, my residual carpenter skills shining through this gloomy task as I kicked the two bodies that were left into the deeper hole.

I got to work on covering the bodies up and had to look away when I saw that one of them had a permanent look of pure horror on their face. It was contorted and creepy and I just, I couldn't...

I threw up. It was a bit and it was really more of a dry heave. The female vampire hadn't been paying attention. Thank God, I would've been whipped for sure.

Trying not to look at the permanently gnarled face I finished filling in the hole with dirt and looked up at the sky. It looked dark. It always looked dark. I guess I don't remember the sun. Maybe Angelus had some kind of perpetual darkness spell going on around this encampment so we wouldn't see the sun. Or maybe I had been kept captive for so long I just didn't recognize it anymore.

God knows the vampires know what the sun looks like, now.

They ended up getting some kind of serum that had to do with Buffy and...they could walk in daylight, in the sunlight and ever since then life has been hell. Literally. I looked back down at the job well done and looked back to the blonde vampire who surveyed my work and nodded at me. I thought if she were some kind of girl scout leader she would have pat me on the back but no dice. All she did was nod and I was grabbed from both sides by vampires I never recognized. Great, I had no idea where I was going and I had actually done the job I was supposed to.

To be honest, I could take whippings. I could take whippings and lashes. But...well, as long as I wasn't being killed. I would give in. Ever since then...way back then.

I always give in.


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We could be heroes...or very stupid dead men [Wednesday, September 27th, 2006 @ 8:45pm]

Where there's a whip, there's a way. Where there's a whip, there's a...really obnoxious intruder alarm? Wait, what? I looked up from the pile of bodies. It was my turn to burn the waste tonight. I hated it. It was horrible and always smelled like Jonathan's dirty gym socks. It was possible I smelled like his dirty gym socks I thought lowering my head toward my arm pit, crinkling my nose and lifting it back up as quickly as possible. I couldn't even remember when I showered last. I guess vampires didn't really care much what you smelled like with the whole not-needing-to-breath thing. I don't think they care to much what you look like either I thought glancing down at my clothes that were not mine at all and much to tight. Around here you sorta take what you can get and if a dead body with Nike's just happens your way well, it was pretty much like Christmas, only not.

"Head down maggot!"

"Yes mister bumpy face, vampire, sir."

I did as I was told but couldn't help but sneak the random glance around when I thought it was safe. Something big was happening. Vampires where running in every direction screaming things at each other, or just screaming in general. Not a one of them seemed to know what was going on. Good. At least now I'm not the only one.

While the slave drivers (I like to refer to them as Orcs {where there's a whip...}) backs were turned I quickly scanned the yard for Xander. It had been days, maybe weeks, since I had seen him. But tonight as fate would have it we had been put in the same yard to work and that was good. Maybe this was our big chance. We could sneak in, save Buffy and become forever known as the Men Who Saved the Slayer. We would be stealthy and slip in unnoticed with The Force as our guide. Maybe we could even lay some sort of Jedi mind trance on the guards, that way we wouldn't have to fight. I was bad with the fighting. But let's keep that between you and me ok? The little voice in my head that had become my only companionship these past couple of years agreed and I nodded just as I spotted Xander heading my way.

Without thinking I raised my hand to wave and a whip cracked, splitting the air and a nice chunk of flesh on my back. I saw Xander cringe just before I dropped my head again. This was gonna be harder then I thought. What we needed was someone strong to take out the whip happy Orcs. Someone, I don't know, like, Spike. Spike was still alive as far as I knew which only makes him like enormously more cooler then he even was before. If he were here he'd know what to do. He'd know how to save Buffy.

Slowly I moved around the pile of bodies, pretending to push them closer together as I went. Xander was on the other side of the pit moving rocks or something. If I could just get to him we could come up with a plan. Just a little closer I thought as I scooted further and further out of the whips reach. Closer, closer....I bumped hips with Xander...ok maybe that's to close.

"Hey there, fancy meeting you here." I whispered nervously. "What do you think is going on?"

((Open to Xander.))
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An alarming evening [Wednesday, September 27th, 2006 @ 4:42pm]

"You have to be kidding me!" I yelled out over the blaring intruder alarms. It had only been a few minutes since they went off and I already had the security feed pulled up. "I knew it, Will! I should have dusted that bleach blonde sonofabitch decades ago. She wouldnt have been able to pull this off without him."

As I watched the screen I gritted my teeth and clentched my fists, while Dawn and Spike conducted a well thought-out plan to rescue the Slayer. We had Buffy confined here under a thick blanket of security and yet somehow they managed to get her out. I picked up the closest object and threw it at the closest person, as I spun around to face Willow.

"Wasnt anyone patroling that hallway!" My voice was loud and commanding. "I mean come on, this facility is swarming with vampires and has state of the art security measures, but yet a has been vampire and his slayer wanna-be girlfriend get past it all!"

I knew the two of them were more than that, but i wasnt about to admit that, they already made me look a fool once tonight. I was also angry since keeping Buffy in suspended animation wasnt only to keep the proceeding slayer from being called, but it was also to keep that witty sarcastic thorn out of my side. Just as the vampire uprising was a letter day in history, so will this one be. Soon she would be back in play and things would be interesting and irritating all over again. The only thing I wished was that I could be there when she discovers the new world her DNA helped create.

"How nice of you to join us, Dru." Willow walked slowly over to attempt to calm me, as Drusilla finally joined us in the large conference room. "Hope the alarms didnt disturb your sleep. Speaking of, will someone please turn those god-forsaken things off, Fuck!"

((open to Willow Drusilla and Harmony))
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